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Community Transformation Report - September 2021


In September, across our digital and social media platforms, Healthwatch Hartlepool took part in a Community Transformation Project, asking people in the local community about their experiences of Health Services in Hartlepool. This included finding out what services are working, as well as finding out wjat service users feel could be improved.

This fed into a large project that covered the Tees Valley area, with Healthwatch services in Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton taking part. The results if the survey's have been used to create a report that will be used to help improve services going forward. This report is available below to view as a PDF document.

This report provides insight into what matters most to the people of the Tees Valley in terms of mental health support in the community. The Tees Valley Healthwatch Network engaged over 900 people, including seldom heard groups, who all have a vested interest in an effective mental health offering.


Tees Valley Community Transformation Report 2021


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