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GP access during COVID-19 Healthwatch England Report


Access to General Practice has for a long time been the issue people talk to us about the most – both prior to and during the pandemic.

It is not surprising that access to General Practice is such a significant issue for the public. GP services are often the first port of call for people who need care and are the main ‘gatekeeper’ to other services. We all have had an experience of GP services or may know someone who has struggled to get in touch with a GP practice for a prescription, some advice, or a referral to another service.

The pandemic has not helped, and many of the issues people have raised with us are problems that we’ve reported on before, such as difficulties in booking appointments or poor communication about changes to services.

Healthwatch England have collated information collected from local Healthwatch's into a report showing how GP access was affected, and how it changed, during COVID-19 pandemic. You can download and read this report via the link below.


GP access during COVID-19 Healthwatch England Report


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