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Our Achievements

Healthwatch Hartlepool is here to make a difference. Not only do we champion the work of people and organisations that push for improvements in our Health Service, we also want to see changes being made that affect all of us positively.

Thanks to the public telling us about it, we have seen many important steps taking to improve our Local Health Service. Below are just some of the fantastic achievements we’ve made so far. 

And remember these aren’t Healthwatch Hartlepool’s achievements, these are OUR achievements. All of these changes have come about thanks to the feedback and suggestions put forward to us by people like you. 

Do you passionately believe something needs to change in our Local Health Service? Tell us about it by getting in contact with us. We are here to listen and take action on your behalf. 

Shuttle Buses to and from North Tees Hospital

Following the publication of our Hospital Transport Review in September 2013, Shuttle Buses have been introduced, which run every 15 minutes and take people from HartlepoolHospital to NorthTeesHospital. This vital link between the town and North Tees has ensured that both patients and visitors can go to hospital without worrying about how to get there, adding unnecessary stress where it is not needed. 

Domiciliary Care for Adults 

No one can applaud Carers and Support Works highly enough for the fantastic work they do on a daily basis. Thanks to feedback gathered from people who use these services regularly steps have been put in place to ensure that the high levels of care on offer in Hartlepool remain amongst the highest in the country. 

  • Support Workers are now placed in areas that are suitable for their own travel needs, and the needs of the people they are caring for
  • Guidelines and standards are being introduced to ensure care is consistently high across the town
  • More supervisors have been employed to keep these standards high. 

Listening to the Seldom Heard 

Often it can be the case that the quiet are drowned out by the loud. In a Health Service that is designed to ensure everyone is treated equally and with dignity, it is imperative that we don’t let this happen. Better transport links, better transparency, contactable personnel within the Health Sector, regular public meetings – all of these things are happening thanks to organisations, including Healthwatch Hartlepool, making the time to sit down and listen to people who need a voice. 

And remember, Healthwatch Hartlepool is here to ensure your voice is heard. If you have anything to say about the Health Service you are receiving please get in contact. Your opinion really does matter.

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