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Chief Executive - Christopher Akers-Belcher

Appointed to this role over 13 years ago (Formerly LiNK Manager) I  manage and supervise the Healthwatch service, coordinate the delivery of service objectives and priorities in line with statutory legislation and guidance. It is my direct responsibility to promote positive partnership working with relevant partners to facilitate effective engagement of relevant partner organisations, communities and individuals across Hartlepool in particular the Health & Wellbeing Board, all Hospital Trust’s, the North-East Ambulance Service, the Integrated Care Board (ICB) and the Voluntary & Community Sector. Prior to this role worked in Local Government with over 20 years Senior Local Government Experience.

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Our staff

Stephen Thomas - Development Officer 

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Tony Leighton - Patient & Public Engagement Officer 

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Carol Slattery - Administration Officer 

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Our volunteers

Jane Tilly - Chairman of the Board 

Jan Weedall - Board Director 

Tony Raine - Board Treasurer 

Margaret Wrenn - Board / Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Carol Sherwood - Board/Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Zoe Sherry  - Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Lynn Allison - Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Evelyn Leck - Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Tracie Bestford - Volunteer Steering Group Member 

Bernie Hays - Enter & View Member 

Lynne Humphries - Enter & View Member