Enter & View Visit to Rossmere Park Care Home

Find out about our enter and view to Rossmere Park and the views on the care the residents received.

Part of the local Healthwatch programme is to carry out Enter & View visits. Enter & View visits are conducted by a small team of trained Healthwatch volunteers, who are prepared as ‘Authorised Representatives’ to conduct visits to health and social care premises. 


On arrival we were welcomed by Mrs Wendy Horsley the receptionist.  Reception area was clean and inviting with information posters on the wall regarding future events etc.   A resident was sitting on a sofa chatting to staff.  We stated the purpose of the visit  and asked to see the member of staff in charge and requested a room in which to put our belongings.  They allowed us to use a vacant lounge and dining room used for meetings etc.  She took us there and said she would bring Lorraine Stephenson the person in charge and invited us to make ourselves tea or coffee and use the facilities in the meantime using the adjacent kitchen.  

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Enter & View visit to Rossmere Park

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